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Travel Club & Timeshare Liquidation Secrets Revealed

Timeshare and Travel Club – Best Friends

The question is always, Should I Buy A Travel Club? However, the purpose of this article is to answer the question“What should I do with my timeshare?” The travel club industry can give credit to the timeshare industry for creating its birth. Without timeshare, travel clubs would not exist. Without disgruntled timeshare owners, liquidation companies would not exist. Travel clubs not only obtain most of their inventory from timeshare exchange companies but they also manage dead inventory for timeshare resorts. As unflattering as it may sound, travel clubs act as “bottom feeders” to acquire unwanted and valueless timeshares from liquidation companies. The company we will be reviewing for this article is American Resource Management Group, LLC.

American Resource Management Group Reviews Travel Club & Timeshare Liquidation Secrets Revealed

Give back timeshare companies, timeshare donation companies, and timeshare redemption companies all serve as the aggregate absorbers acquiring virtually worthless timeshares from owners throughout the globe. A very popular company right now is operating out of Rockford, Illinois. American Resource Management Group reviews countless timeshares a day (according to their website), filling gap orders for Travel Clubs by absorbing these weeks from the consumers. For the average distressed timeshare owner, having a company like American Resource Management Group review your timeshare and accept it can help alleviate the owner from burdensome fees. So whats the catch? Many times, acquisition companies like these then force the owner to purchase a travel club to liquidate their timeshare, thereby actually repeating the cycle of burdensome fees. However, American Resource Management Group does not currently require a travel club membership purchase. This is a big savings for the individual timeshare owner just looking to liquidate their property. American Resource Management Group is BBB ACCREDITED and the information pulled from this article can be found on their BBB page.

While the “good” travel clubs have only gained popularity over the past 10+ years, the industry has been marred by true Travel Club Scams. As you will read when perusing our website, a number of travel clubs over promise and under deliver – especially when it comes to the marketing gifts. Also, some less savory Travel Clubs are truly fly-by-night and are unfortunately take money and either never perform or go out of business just months down the road.

Remember, most timeshare liquidation companies that do not have a travel club attached to their service, are significantly cheaper  of an outlet to dispose of your timeshare.The biggest trend we have recently seen on our website recently is Travel Clubs soliciting “timeshare owners only” to attend sales presentations. The travel clubs are smart for two reasons by doing this. The first reason why its smart to invite timeshare owners to hear a travel club presentation is because timeshare owners truly love to travel! They typically have a strong “vacation commitment” and do not need to be coerced into traveling more with the family. Another reason why many travel clubs like to solicit timeshare owners is the perception that most timeshare owners are desperate to get rid of timeshare. Many timeshare owners have looked for years on how to cancel their timeshare but with little success. Many of these timeshare owners have even paid for timeshare rental and timeshare resale companies, but with zero results. Reputable Travel Clubs can fill that void, and get you out of your timeshare and into their travel club. But buyer beware, you may have to spend anywhere between $3,000-$6,000 to get rid of a timeshare legally using a travel club purchase as your outlet. However, you will now be burdened by the travel clubs annual fees and purchase price and you should carefully take these costs into consideration before giving up your timeshare.
American Resource Management Group Reviews1 Travel Club & Timeshare Liquidation Secrets Revealed

In summary, if you are looking to purchase a travel club and get rid of your timeshare, be very very cautious as most travel clubs inflate their travel club purchase price, simply to lower it with your “timeshare trade in equity”.  Dont over pay to get rid of your timeshare and keep a keen eye open for timeshare out reviews!

We hope this helped clarify some of the questions surrounding the correlation between timeshare and travel club. If you liked this article, feel free to share it with your friends.

Thank you and come back soon to learn even more about the always growing Travel Club industry, liquidation companies like that American Resource Management Group and just fun travel reviews in general!

  • Gerald Adams

    I called that company – they seemed pretty upfront and they have BBB accreditation. My local BBB said they were OK to work with…. I will update this blog post with my experiences. By the way, they actually encouraged me NOT to purchase a travel club, not sure if you want to keep on mentioning them in this article if they are not flattering of the travel club industry.

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  • Jp

    Now that it has been 7 months after your initial post, what is your opinion about American resource management

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  • Gerald Adams

    I forgot I ever even posted here. Ok, everything went surprisingly well. I got out of the timeshare about 45 days ago. Everyone was professional and courteous and this was the first time I was not taken advantage of by a timeshare company, so they have my recommendation/vote. They are a good company. However, it is still a very bitter pill to have to pay to get rid of a timeshare. For my family it was the only way to actually stop this nightmare and move on with our lives, so it was money well spent. I would never, ever recommend anyone buying a timeshare for any reason – they are the worst investment that you can imagine. Stay away from timeshares!

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    • Unhappy timeshare owner

      Gerald Adams, I needed to read this Thank you!! I agree with the bitter pill of having to pay to get rid of it, but to be rid of it, had to feel great! So American Resource Management is legit and were true to their word and got you COMPLETELY free of your timeshare?

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